Variety is the characteristic trait of the Oropesa coast, divided into two by the cape of the same name. To the north lie more than 2 km of unspoilt sand and gravel beaches with a perfect rocky seabed for underwater fishing and diving, followed by a bustling town beach of fine sand with full facilities.

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The cape shelters the extensive Concha beach, making it the perfect spot to begin your windsurf practices; then, between the point of the Iberian town and the marina lies a tiny cove: the perfect, natural solarium. The modern port boasts a sailing school and there is also a diving club which organises dives in the area and around the Columbretes Islands.

The shore becomes more rugged to the south, with cliffs all along the foot of the sierra de Oropesa. The landscape becomes less abrupt and ends at the boundary of Benicàssim with a string of secluded beaches: Les Playetes de Bellver and La Renegá being particularly noteworthy.

You can enjoy a great number of excursions to some well known places of interest nearby: Peñíscola Castle-Fortress, Las Palmas Desert, San Jose Coves, El Maciso de Peñagolosa, La Tinença de Benifassa, Segorbe, El Prat de Cabanes or Morella.

The gastronomic offer of the town is one of the best ways to get closer to its culture, its customs and its history. The cuisine of Castellón region is simple but elaborated, and has special fame and prestige in the restaurants as well in all the fireplaces.

The seafood is the base of the local cuisine. Fish and shellfish are presented in unlimited variations. Red mullet, soles, dorada, octopus, sardine are noteworthy. Some of the most exquisite dishes are “suquet de peix”, “all i pebre”, “las parrilladas” or “las zarzuelas”. As for the shellfish, you should try clams, mussels, snails of the sea.

Rice dishes are the other delicious speciality. “Arrós-seixat” made with fish broth; or la paella, from meat and vegetables, fish or mixed are the most surprising for the visitant by its exquisite taste.

Apartments Oropesa

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